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Patmos could well be the ideal Greek island destination. — Lonely Planet

Experience Patmos!

Since exploring the magic of Patmos during our honeymoon in 1987, we've been inviting an ever-widening circle of friends & fellow travelers to join us in experiencing this serene Greek isle.

We quickly discovered what Greece and its ancient & modern peoples have to teach us about living the "examined" and well-lived life.

A place of wonders both natural and divine, the Greek island of Patmos has drawn solace seekers for nearly 2,000 years, without ever losing its cool. New York Times

Patmos is a special destination among the Greek islands. It is known as a sacred isle — the holy rock that sparked St. John's Revelation in the bible — a truly uplifting and enlightened refuge to rest, play and wander.

This so-called "Jerusalem of the Aegean" has a particular draw among writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, painters and poets seeking faraway beauty and quiet inspiration. It even has its own summer international film festival!

Patmos offers scenic sanctuaries and charming tavernas in lovely settings. An ancient monastery crowns the island surrounded by a whitewashed old town of carved stone buildings and winding pathways.

Our idyllic hillside hotel with stunning views is perched near a relaxed beach overlooking the shimmering Aegean … a perfect paradise to experience a Patmos Passage this summer!

Happy is the man who, before dying, has the good fortune to travel the Aegean seas. Nowhere else can one pass so easily from reality to dream. Nikos Kazantzakis

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