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“It’s only by having some distance from the world that you can see it whole, and understand what you should be doing with it.”

Pico Iyer

Our hectic and hyper-connected lives leave many of us seeking quiet and transformative places to pause, reflect & learn anew along life's path.

We offer salon-like gatherings on Patmos & Iona that feature laid-back explorations, rich discussion, seaside wanderings & festive meals.

Soak-up curated conversations with refreshing minds on a range of topics including writing, literature, poetry, film, music, social innovation & wellbeing.

The GoodWorld Journeys Experience

Participant Testimonials

"GoodWorld Journeys is like coming home. Summing up the experience is both exciting and impossible—building a community, finding my tribe, and having the experience of a lifetime, all packaged into 10 beautiful days on Patmos. I loved it so much."

Chloe Elgar - Dubai, UAE

"I have never had an experience like this. I feel so encouraged
to pursue my art. I feel connected to new inspiring people.
I feel I am a better person for having risked this adventure."

Saul Lyons - Brooklyn, NY

"Mind-blowing, transcendental, life-altering, relaxing, the best thing I've ever done, hands-down."

Sheree Joseph - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"GoodWorld Journeys changed my life. Jenny and Dan are so kind and professional and create a safe space to explore our creativity. The setting
is amazing. I am leaving a better writer and changed person."

Keith Hoffman - Brooklyn, NY

"Get here. Any way you can. It is the best thing you will do
for your creative life all year!"

Rebekah Gainsley - Austin, TX

"Great value. Great scenery. Great food. Great people.
The workshops & evening salon discussions were interesting and
engaging and the teachers & presenters were accessible."

Reade Brower - Portland, ME

"Travel for travel at this point in my life is a waste of time.
Traveling with the purpose of elevating my spirit, have some insights
into my life and a better understanding of the world is what I am looking for.
GoodWorld Journeys has truly helped me find my tribe."

Josefina Longoria - San Antonio, TX

"Thank you, Thank you, I’ve been gently cracked open!"

Mike Kaufmann - Ontario, CANADA

"Our hosts, Jenny and Dan, created a magical and amazing
environment for our journey. Their organization ensured
a smooth experience. I definitely plan to take another
Journey soon."

Jennifer Margiotta - Washington, DC

"The Patmos Salons were excellent and insightful. The entire GWJ trip
was life changing. I would definitely do it again!!"

Megan Larkin - Washington, DC

"This Salon (Cheryl Strayed & Friends) was one of the most significant events of my life. Jenny and Dan, Weezie and Satchel and staff were wonderful. They created the perfect atmosphere for the love, laughter and learning that occurred here. Thank you for a life-altering experience."

Donna Mitchell - Roanoke, VA

"If you are seeking a stronger link to your own spiritual and creative nature, and are looking for a journey that provides something more satisfying than two weeks of lying on the beach, look no further. GoodWorld Journeys will send you home not only rested and refreshed, but inspired and enriched."

Patrice Buford - Decatur, GA

"The Yancey-Siegel's are expert at providing an enriching,
nourishing, carefree experience for body, mind and soul.
In their care you will feel "at home" wherever you may be

Donna Petraits - Brownsburg, IN

"Go on this Journey. If you are called, go.
Nothing will ever be the same."

Rebekah Chee - Portland, OR

Teacher Testimonials

Zaid Dohrn Testimonial
Mary Karr Testimonial
Terry Crowell Testimonial
Rachel deWoskin Testimonial

Who We Are


The Team


My journey as a global traveler to sacred places was launched early in life. I first visited the isle of Iona when I was 6 while living with my family in Edinburgh. Later at 15, I visited Patmos as part of my studies attending a school on another nearby Greek isle.

I learned first-hand, and in the years ever since, that islands are ideal learning labs to help one to step off the grid, reflect & reimagine the world (and one’s role in it). It is also a wondrous way to meet kindred spirits along life’s path!

Jenny Yancey

Navigator of Strategy & Story

As a writer and occasional poet, the light and spirit of the Aegean has served to renew & guide my life. Landing on the Greek isles in 1987 (during our honeymoon), I quickly found a second home in the world.

The nine muses of Greek mythology seem ever alive in a place like Patmos & Iona, inspiring endless artists, poets, writers and musicians to voyage to each isle. Few things are more rewarding to me than opening the gateway to these islands for others to discover — and return!

Dan Siegel

Navigator of Purpose & Prose

Growing up, I've always loved watching films and learning about the world through a visual medium. This passion led me to study Visual Media Arts/Post Production at Emerson College and to have recently interned with Participant Media in Los Angeles. The art of storytelling is at the core of many GoodWorld Journeys’ experiences, and this is the art and skill I bring to our mission.

I work to document GoodWorld’s Journeys via photo and film for participants to remember their powerful learning experiences and to provide an intimate glimpse of Salons to come.

Satchel Yancey-Siegel

Navigator of Vision & Videography

Having first visited Patmos in my mother's womb and traveling to the island at least ​every other year of my life ever since, I've developed a deep appreciation for the balance of land & sea, as well as being on "Greek Time." Returning year after year for reflection and creativity has been something I'll always be grateful for and am excited to share with others making the journey.

I find purpose in designing and facilitating transformative experiences for people and communities around the world, and am so fortunate to contribute this passion and skillset
to GoodWorld Journeys.

Weezie Yancey-Siegel

Navigator of Experience & Engagement

The Islands

2017 Journeys

Our Journeys on Patmos & Iona are unique salon-type gatherings that offer relaxed days in beautiful settings, casual social time, meaningful conversations, serendipitous connections and island excursions that slow the pace of life & soothes the soul.

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